Obama’s naïve foreign policy

There are many reasons why the popularity of Barack Obama is declining in the past months and one of them is certainly his foreign policy. We can argue whether the health reforms or energy reforms were good or not but I believe that most of us can agree that the foreign policy that he practices can be described as naïve. The moves he made in the past 5 years lead to some things thatwe have never believed to be possible.

Let’s start with Iraq and Afghanistan. His first step in foreign policy was to withdraw the forces from Iraq and boost American military presence in Afghanistan which turned out to be a complete fail. When he made that decision, the situation in Iraq was slowly but steadily getting better with terrorist attacks on minimum, the Iraqi police and army were finally getting the necessary equipment and experience (they were trained by the members of the US Army located there) and overall the situations was getting better. The withdrawal of the U.S. troops from that region was catastrophic. The terrorist attacks were getting stronger and finally this year we have witnessed a completely new phenomenon called ISIS (IDIL). This terrorist group has established a so-called Islamic State in parts of Iraq and Syria. Obama was bragging about his success with the killing of Bin Laden but it is obvious that he created a bigger mess – a terrorist organization that is no longer hiding in caves and underground. These terrorists have an agenda and it seems that they are getting that agenda done. The strengthening of these terrorists groups became possible because of Obama’s dilemma regarding Syrian Civil War. The Syrian civil war started as an internal confrontation between pro-democracy group and the people loyal to the president Bashar al-Assad. Instead of fast reaction we saw a mild reaction from Obama and the situation escalated really quickly. He then supported the insurgents without knowing that many of them are Islamic fanatics that later formed the ISIS. These terrorists are still using American equipment. This lead to another shocking moment – Obama is now allying with al-Assad who was previously described as a dictator and cruel leader in order to defeat ISIS (IDIL). Is this a serious foreign policy? It is no wonder why the terrorists aren’t taking his threats seriously and why Putin and Russia are growing stronger and getting international support. Unlike Obama, Putin acts like a president that knows exactly what he wants. He is working for his country and trying to increase the Russian influence on all continents and we can’t blame him for that. Unfortunately, Obama is doing the opposite. He had the opportunity to show his diplomatic skills and the skills of his administration in Ukraine but that was another big fail. Ukraine is now divided, the most important regions are held by pro-Russian supporters and Russia can control the energy supplies that need to be delivered to Europe. The envoys he sent in Ukraine made the situations even worse (remember the Nuland scandal?).

With his naïve foreign policy Obama is not only weakening US position in the eyes of the rivals but he is also starting to lose some traditional American partners. The relations with Pakistan were never this tight and his administration has confirmed that they are killing American citizens on Pakistani soil by using drones. Is this the man who won the elections by saying that Guantanamo Bay detentions are illegal and that he will do everything he can to stop unconstitutional interrogations? He even asked for civilian trials for some well known Al-Qaeda members. Turkey is (was) another traditional U.S. partner that noticed the uncertainty in Obama’s foreign policy. Barack Obama is looking for unconditional support from the Turkish president Erdogan but on the other hand he is publicly criticizing him for the election process in Turkey and the level of democracy in Turkey. It looks like he forgot that he can’t sit on two chairs at once. Instead of using diplomats to sort things out he is acting like a showman that wants to impress the plebs and by giving controversial speeches he is trying to raise his popularity. But the gaffes he made and the naïve foreign policy that he practices was recognized by most Americans. It is definitely time to make some changes before it is too late to correct these mistakes. He must change his advisors and try to leave foreign policy to real professionals.


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Secret Prisoners May Be Held By United States Government

Even though United States troops are exiting the Afghan war, that has not resulted in the release of some secret prisoners. The fate of secret prisoners that were being held by United States forces is now in complete limbo. The commander of the facility in Afghanistan that housed the prisoners is now stating that all legal options are being pursued. His means that the prisoners are still being held until a final decision is made. Washington is busy looking over all viable options, but time is quickly running out. The United States government only has until December to legally hold these secret prisoners.

Legal Aspect

The secret prisoners captured by U.S. Troops can only be held until December due to laws that are in place. This means that all inmates captured on foreign battlefields might be transferred to the U.S. Court system of guidelines are met. This is normally only a last resort, but it has come to fruition in the past. The question of what to do with the prisoners has sparked outrage near the facility where they Re being held. This has led to conflict over U.S. Policy among many people living in Afghanistan. Since 2001, many prisoners have been captured and held without evidence or charges. However, the legal right to hold these prisoners will no longer be in effect by December. Even though president Obama abandoned this practice during his tenure, the remaining prisoners are a reminder that this issue is still very relevant. These prisoners must either be prosecuted or turned over to their home country.


This is such a hard decision to make, because very little information is known about those being detained. The idea ties of those that are being held have not been released by the United States government. The amount that have been captured and their nationalities has also not been disclosed. Once the United States led mission comes to a halt at the end of 2014, the right to hold these prisoners ceases to exist. A tough decision must now be made and time is beginning to run out. The United States is looking to repatriate the detainees to their home countries, but not all these countries will comply. Until assurances are agreed upon the transfer of prisoners can’t occur. This is an issue that needs resolved sooner rather than later.

For more global government news articles, visit www.globalgovernmentforum.com

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Security Detail in the Ras Al Khaimah Emirate

Security Detail in the Ras Al Khaimah Emirate

In 2010 Sheikh Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi became ruler of Ras al Khaimah رأس الخيمة which is the northernmost emirate of United Arab Emirates. Taking leadership of the monarchy Sheikh Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi became ruler after his father Saqr bin Mohammad Al Qassimi died after being ill for several months. At the time of his death Saqr bin Mohammad was the world’s oldest monarch at about 90 years of age. His reign was notable in that he brought the emirate into the UAE. Ras al Khaimah has become the main industrialized location for the UAE and has attracted the attention of various international Fortune 500, 1000 companies. Under the rule of economics major Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi الشيخ سعود بن صقر القاسمي we have witnessed the rapid growth of the emirate as a leader in industry and not heavily based on oil production and trade. Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi has worked within the borders to make safety and security a top priority and because of this we see that foreigners are starting to outnumber residents. The emirate has been and is becoming more of a success as it spurs an increase in business, tourism, and financial improvement throughout the emirate.

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Zomi and China Issues

Zomi and China Issues

There have been recent issues between the Zomi and Chinese governments.  China has a long history with crossing the wrong territories and boundaries with many countries.  With the huge amounts of wealth that they have gained over recent times, they are able to walk all over other countries at times because they control them financially.

From exploiting workers in their own country to exploiting people of other countries and regions, they are starting to get quite the reputation for being unethical for even more wealth.  China has recently destroyed many areas of Central and South America for personal wealth.  They have deforrested and demolished many locations in Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and other places because they almost control the areas financially.

Recent issues have arose with China by the Zomi people and government.  The World Zomi Congress has condemned a partnership that exists between Myanmar’s military regime and China who have started a project to mine nickel deposits on Gullu Mual and Zogam which belong to the Zomi tribes.  There are many articles that back their condemnation.  With the help of others, they may be able to stop China from religious persecution and other exploitations of the Zo people.

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The Age of Access Control Devices

The Age of Access Control Devices

Access control entails restricting access or entry to a particular place selectively. This implies that certain people or vehicles are allowed to enter while others are restricted. In some cases, some authorized people may be allowed to use a certain service while others are denied access. In this way, access management systems are effectively used to filter the category of people that enter a business building or another controlled facility electronically.

Besides the electronic control of access, physical control techniques can also be employed for the same purpose. Actually, to the surprise of most people, a simple lock and key is a means of controlling access. Other methods may include installing a fence, checking of tickets at entry points or using turnstiles.

In this age and time, there is a widespread security crisis that governments are grappling with. The war on terror is escalating to a new front and more resources are increasingly being channeled to this cause. As various firms have discovered, access control is a great approach towards minimizing the risks of terror attacks in a company or building. They have therefore installed various kinds of devices at the entry points to control access.

Biometric devices are widely used to identify and grant access to employees and other authorized personnel, while keeping the doors shut against any intruder. By virtue of reducing the number of strange entries into the firm, the firm subsequently reduces its chances of being attacked by an intruding terrorist. Besides biometric machines, security gates are also used to limit access to both people and vehicles.

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Military AutoSources for Cars

When we start talking about military and the middle east most people only think about war and terror. Even if we were to bring up autmobiles most would only think of tanks, jeeps, maybe airplanes and other vehicles used for war. We want to remind all the military personnel about sources for automobiles overseas, there are great deals to be had and companies out there dedicated to only to military personnel for purchasing vehicles.

If you know where to look and find the right program there can be a lot of benefits. You can find any car you would normally find on sites such as http://gearheads.org/ or http://www.motortrend.com/ and still purchased it while you are overseas. The great advantage is that when done properly you will receive fixed USA prices along with tax free status.  However this can be a long process and generally takes between six months and a year so if you are going to purchase then you want to make sure that you plan early. There are many auto companies who participate such as Audi , Volkswagen, Nissan, and Infiniti.  This program is setup in more than 30 countries all over the world.

If you would like more information we recommend reading more about buying cars overseas.

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New Explosive Muslim Video

New Explosive Muslim Video

Explores Incarcerated Muslims & Americans condition.
An illustrated short by Texas film producer Bill Cox (www.beerandseedthemovie.com) and illustrator Will R. Hardcastle.

Muslim & American is an “art house” black and white silent short of two prisoners “Gary Greedy and Jerry Jihad” and their personal torment.
It asks the viewers to add their comments to complete the story. It is a gripping thought provoking short going viral on Youtube.

bill cox is best known for the 2012 Dark Comedy “Beer & Seed” (www.beerandseedthemovie.com) and can be contacted wmacox comcast.net.
Main message: Hate although abstract, has tangible consequences.
Video has been getting quality feedback from facebook users both Muslim & Americans.

Bill Cox has taken on a subject that no one else would touch. No one wants to touch on the muslim & american dynamic. The producer took a chance by visiting a “powder keg” of emotions on both sides. The vivid illustrations and slow movement give the video a strong emotional pull.

Until people of all races and religions understand that their hate will “end their line” and that the sins of the father collects at the feet of their children, there never will be peace.

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Ranger Intelliscan Security Detectors Can Help Stop Terrorism

Ranger Intelliscan Security Detectors Can Help Stop Terrorism


To stop terrorism with a metal detector, it’s important that you choose a good one. Security Metal detectors can detect weapons and save lives. However, you need to know how to program one properly if you want it to work. The great thing about Ranger Intelliscan models is that they are easy to setup and install. This guide will tell you about the various Ranger metal detectors.

Ideally one of the Intelliscan models should be put together by somebody who has experience with this type of technology. Although An operator’s manual is accompanied with every purchase for easy installation.

Which Ranger Intelliscan detector will be right for your needs? There are different models available, varying in the number of scan zones and exterior finishes. They also vary in cost, so you should be able to find one that suits your budget.

Let’s take a look at the different Intelliscan detectors.

The Intelliscan 33 Zone

This detector operates with the same amount of attentiveness as an experienced security professional. It’s also a less expensive investment than having to hire a security professional. Since it utilizes 33 independent detection zones to pinpoint the precise location of any metals passed through the gateway. Not only do these 33 zones detect  the presence of metals, they also detect the indentifying characteristics of metals, and where exactly on the body they are located.

Since it can identify characteristics of a metal object, it can be programmed to ignore harmless items such as jewelry and coins. Think of how much time will be wasted every time a metal detector alarm goes off just because somebody walked through with a pocket full of change.

When adjusting sensitivity levels, you will have 16 frequencies from which you can select. There are also 20 pre-programmed detection plans. You can go with a factory preset or create your own preset.

Ranger Intelliscan 18

This detector is an industry leader in security technology. A less costly alternative to the 33 model, this is a highly-versatile device with customizable sensitivity. The 18-zone detection field accurately determines the height of concealed metal objects in relation to the body.

The Intelliscan 18 guarantees consistent performance. Its continuous wave technology is superior. It’s designed to prevent false alarms. Its advanced discrimination modes allow security personnel to identify the real threats.

Some of the presets are for “all metal” modes and some are for “discrimination” modes. It can be programmed to either set the alarm off whenever any type of metal is detected, or only certain types of metal. The settings you select will be saved, even when the unit is turned off.

Ranger Intelliscan 6

Not every business or event requires multiple detection zones. If you don’t want to have to deal with 18 – 33 detection zones and various sensitivity levels, then the Intelliscan 6 is a good choice. Even though it only has 6 detection zones, it still has the ability to pinpoint the side of the target and the height. The “all metal” mode is the default factory setting, but you can modify it to discrimination mode if you would prefer.

Thanks to features such as stop and go lights and a 180-degree viewing panel display, the pace of the line will go quickly. You can also set the Intelliscan to provide you with visual alerts in addition to audible alerts.

Overall, the Intelliscan 6 model offers flexibility, even if it doesn’t have as many options of one of the other models. It’s up to you how many options you want to go with. Determine the amount of security your company or event will need and choose your Ranger Intelliscan model accordingly.

If you are interested in more information about the Intelliscan metal detectors please visit  our website.



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Political Science

Supposingly, you are going to college and your interest in oriented towards attending universities courses. You are not sure about the path you are going to head to and thus you will need to make some research. In case political science is among your interests, you will have the opportunity to find out here several pieces of information about this education area.
Political Science is related to history, analysis of the current events and philosophy and, according to your skills and preferences, you can choose a specific political area to specialize in.
The first step you must take when finishing college is to look for the top universities, check your finance and get some extra information about scholarships. If your portfolio is rich in extracurricular activities, your high-school grades are exceptional and you are looking for a serious career that can represent your personality and your life expectations. For example, if you have decided to look for political science universities, you should know that Harvard University and Princeton University, Stanford and University of Michigan are in top among all the others in the world.
Once you have chosen the university that fits your expectations best and your portfolio is good enough to convince every fastidious recruiter, you must continue with the application process.
There are some key elements that help every candidate obtain the place that he is dreaming of in his top university! Courage, self-confidence, determination and the desire to succeed! There is no extra advice that one must take into account, except that if you want to obtain something, you must do absolutely everything in order to make your dream come true!
Political Science universities are available for almost every student which is interested in adding his contribution to public service and is aware of the needs of the society he lives in. Political journalism are political decision making are only two of the options you have after graduating one of the top Political Science universities.

Article written by tuition-agency.com.

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Make a Difference by Getting a Civilian Job


If you’re concerned about the conflicts and problems in the Middle East and our devoted to your country, why not make a difference and get a civilian job? Too many people these days wine and complain about the events happening in the Middle East without doing anything about it. By gaining civilian employment, you can make a good living and support your country while serving a good purpose. There are tons of federal civilian jobs available today that deal with Middle Eastern affairs.

If you’re looking for employment in the United States, you can find civilian jobs that deal with the Middle East in many ways. There are many interpreters and communications employees that work domestically and aid in the prevention of conflicts. There is also a lot of work for those that specialize in the IT world since there is so much intelligence being transferred online.

For those that would like to actually work abroad in the Middle East, there are many jobs available overseas as well. Many of the same types of positions are needed out of the country as well as in the country. There are many civilian jobs available for reconstruction of damaged areas and much more. To find out more information about getting a civilian job and advice for applying, visit civilianemployment.net.

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